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This Dynamic test series for GATE/NET Exam. These mocks are prepared strictly keeping in mind the syllabus, standard and pattern of exam

This series has Sectional test and Mock test hat will help you in preparing for the GATE/NET Exam and identity your weak areas for revision.

Topics covered:

  1. Metamorphic petrology
  2. Igneous petrology
  3. Sedimentology
  4. Structural geology
  5. Palaeontology
  6. Remote sensing
  7. Ore geology and coal and petroleum
  8. Geophysics and geophysical methods
  9. Geomorphology
  10. Geochemistry
  11. Egineering Geology
  12. Mineralogy and crystallography
  13. Indian Stratigraphy
  14. Aptitude


  1. Dynamic test series : Geology Concepts Team will keep the test adaptive and provide more questions on topics that are more in demand by the students.
  2. New questions every week: Updates in the test series will be made every week.
  3. Each test can be given three times, therefore it will help inn revision.
  4. Question with explanation: Questions will be provided with explanation 
  5. Doubt sessions: Online doubt sessions will be provided.
  6. Valid till March 2020

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