As the demand for high test scores has grown, getting into top institutes and PSUs has become almost unattainable for those who can’t afford expensive classes and tutors. We’re changing that by helping thousands of students study at their own pace, and on their own time – regardless of location, social status, or background. We have taken this mantra as our small contribution to society.
Our mission is to create an updated platform that gives students access to enjoyable, affordable, and effective exam preparation from everywhere.
On completion of modules from GeoCon you will have solid foundation for cracking your targeted geology exam. The content is prepared by experts keeping in mind the nature of exams and changing pattern of GATE / NET / IIT-JAM / GSI / UPSC.
The passionate Support, Marketing, and e-Learning teams ensure a smooth journey to success for our students.


We believe all students from all over the country deserve access to best quality and advanced education for Geology exams like GATE/NET/GSI etc. We aim to enrich society by helping more of those who dream of an advanced degree, a better job, and a more fulfilling experience, get what they seek. We are the only Geology preparation company that hires instructors on a full-time basis to ensure that they are completely dedicated to creating, enhancing, and supporting our online courses. We have instructors from eminent institutes like IITs, ISM, IISERs. Advisors from Oil and Gas industry and ex-faculty from reputed coaching.

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