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ravi asked 5 years ago

Short note on muth quartzite

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GeoCon Staff answered 5 years ago

East of the Indus river in the western part of Kashmir 300-600 m thick band of strikingly snow-white quartzite overlying the cambrian succession is known as Muth Quartzite. The muth quartzite contains thick sequence of quartzite and quartzitic sandstone. The quartzite is closely jointed, while schist are highly crushed and pulverised. They have been dated to devonain age. The muth sediments represents offshore elongate bars and shoal complex. The muth marks an epoch of tectonic stability during the Later Silurian period when practically the whole Tethyan domain stretching from tanawal in the west to northern Nepal became a site of shallow water depostion of well sorted clean sands. 

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