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Which is oldest mobile belt of India?

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There are controversies on the ages of mobile belt. Even the term mobile belt is also very confusing as it was originated in the context of geosynclines but in present times it is referred to as related to Orogeny.
If we consider India, The Central Indian Tectonic Zone (CITZ), also referred to as the Satpura Mobile Belt, is a complex Proterozoic orogenic belt that formed during the accretion of the Bastar– Singhbhum Craton to the northern Bundelkhand Craton.
The Central Indian Suture (CIS) is a brittle-ductile shear zone that delineates the southern boundary of the CITZ and forms the boundary between the Bundelkhand Craton to the north and the Bastar Craton to the south.
The Central Indian Suture (CIS) underwent the following tectonic history:
(1) oceanic crust between the Bundelkhand and Bastar Cratons started to subduct at ca. 2.3 Ga;
(2) initiation of the calc-alkaline plutonism formed the Malanjkhand and Dongargarh Plutons;
(3) at 2.1 Ga, the Sakoli and Nandgaon volcanics formed an island arc in the southern block;
(4) the two blocks collided from 2.1 Ga to 1.7 Ga forming the CIS;
(5) the Sausar Fold Belt developed during the 1.7–1.5 Ga interval; and finally
(6) back-arc extension ensued resulting in the Khairagarh Group accompanied by bimodal volcanism continuing from 1.0 to 0.7 Ga.

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