Pic of the day #19 (Window and Klippa)

Block diagram illustrating klippe, window (or fenster), allochthon (gray), and autochthon (stippled) in a thrust-faulted region. Note that the minimum fault displacement is defined by the farthest distance between thrust outcrops in klippe and window.

Pic courtesy: Earth structure – An introduction to structural geology and tectonics


    1. No, formation mechanism of both of them is different.
      Sag ponds are small, permanent body of water in a semi-closed or closed depression formed by movement along a strike-slip fault or by mass movement (i.e., landslide) that ponds water from impounded drainage or surface runoff.
      A tectonic Window is a geologic structure formed by erosion or normal faulting on a thrust system. In such a system the rock mass (hanging wall block) that has been transported by movement along the thrust is called a nappe.

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