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Q. What is the Vision behind Geology Concepts?

Ans. Geology Concepts is an initiative to provide a platform for geology student in helping them to prepare for all geology exams, by providing them various kinds of study-materials.

Q. Is it a completely free Platform?

Ans. It is a combination of both.

There are various free initiatives like:

There are some paid initiatives like:

  • Geology Courses
  • Topic wise Test-Series [To start soon]
  • Online sessions [Included in the paid courses]

Q. Who is making the material on Geology?

Ans. GeoCon team is a dedicated group of experienced scholars who are investing themselves to bring to you a refined geological study material.

Q. Should we expect anything more in future?

Ans. Yes, we have set ourselves on a geological path that which will take all of us to new milestones with your support. We will bring more and more geology initiatives for all our members and provide you a perfect learning environment.

Q. What should I do in case of any problem?

Ans. We are 24×7 available to help you guys in case of any problem, whether technical or otherwise. Feel free to talk to us about any issue you are facing on our website or in life! We are there to support you in all the ways we can. We want you to be curious and healthy, besides being a Geologist.

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