Crack GSI – In just one answer a day!

GSI is the India’s prestigious and prime Geological Organisation that was founded in 1851 by the Britishers and since then it continuously working to explore and harness the trapped Geological Potential of our nation.
The GSI exam for the post of geologist and hydrologist is conducted by UPSC and  is one of the best central govt jobs for those who are interested in geology.

Enough of chit-chat, and coming to the point, how to crack it?

Well the answer as simple as it can be! The exam requires you to write answer in descriptive format and writing answers for almost three days continuously is not your daily routine. So it requires practice. Daily practice!

Here is how Geology Concepts will help you:

To get you in the mode of writing answers we will  be posting questions daily on our website’s Daily Discussion section, where questions will be from the topics that are frequently asked in GSI.

Slowly and steadily you will develop skills that are required to write long answers quickly and it will all be on your tips by the time exam date arrives. If you are not comfortable in typing answers you can write the answers on a paper and upload its picture in the comment. We will make sure that no answer is left un-reviewed. One answer daily and you will be in the list next year, we can promise you that!

Work on your skills now and when the time comes skills will work for you. So don’t wait and visit our Daily Discussion page and start writing answers, NOW!


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